Not Your Typical Gift Giving List

We have seen a lot of gift guides out there recently. And while we absolutely condone you buying your favorite t-shirt from a small outdoor company to give to your favorite adventurer, we also encourage people to start to think of gift giving in other ways. Not everyone has a lot of money or can afford to give someone exactly what they want. Maybe instead of giving gifts in the traditional way, you can switch things up this year. These are just a few ideas that we have used in the past.

Ideas for the Adventurer: Plan a day outside together – Spending time together can be a great gift to give a family member or friend. Often, we don’t get to spend as much time as we would like with the important people in our life. Take time to walk and talk or spend the afternoon in the park enjoying each other’s company. It doesn’t take much, but can mean a lot. Take time to give your attention and presence as a gift.

Ideas for the Music Lover: Attend an event that everyone will enjoy – Maybe your family or friends like seeing plays at your local theater or enjoy listening to the same chart topping, country music star. Whatever your commonalities, find an event that you will all enjoy and attend the event together. Add to the fun and do dinner or drinks beforehand.

Ideas for the Foodie: Cook a meal together – Whether it is a lazy Sunday brunch or weekday dinner, everyone has to eat. Why not turn it into a friendly get together where everyone cooks their favorite dish and enjoy each other’s company? Pick a place, figure out the best date, choose a recipe and have fun. What could be easier…unless of course you aren’t a good cook. You could always pick something up from your favorite store and pass it off as your own.

For the Artist: Create a piece of art – Not everyone can paint like Picasso or play music like Miles Davis, but a lot of people are good at creating something unique. From woodworking to drawings to amazing food or home brewed beer, take a skill you are good at and turn it into an awesome Christmas gift. These gifts inherently have a personal feel and are often given with more sincerity than gifts purchased on Amazon.

Ideas for Anyone: Volunteer with together at your favorite Charity – This not only gives the gift of spending time together, but it also benefits your local charity. What could be better? We are partial to local animal shelters, but every city has volunteer opportunities that you and a friend or family member can spend quality time together, while also giving your time to help others.

Whatever you choose, we encourage you to think of new ways to give a gift this year and remember what the season is truly about. In 10 years no one will remember the candle you gave them, but they certainly will remember an evening spent together in good conversation and company.

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