Cheers To The Holidays

It is almost Christmas. Can you believe it? For me, 2017 has flown by. It seems that last week I was getting ready for the end of summer and then poof…Christmas and New Year’s. There are a lot of mixed emotions for people this time of year. For some, this time of year represents the first year without a loved one. For others, the joy of having a new family member experience Christmas for the first time. A lot of family time is in the works for some of us. Often, that is good thing but sometimes we look at the upcoming family time and dread it. Whether you are going to enjoy (or drudge through) the holidays, cherish the time you spend with family or friends, or friends who have become family. Don’t take for granted the one or two times a year you get to see these folks. If you are easily annoyed by the people in your family, just remember it is only once a year and it will go by fast. And if you love spending time with loved ones, just remember it is only once a year so take advantage of this time. The Holidays are what you make them, so you might as well make them meaningful, exciting, and fun!

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