New Year. No Resolutions.

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but aren't they cute?? Anyway. . .

What is your resolution for 2018? Super common question right now. My answer, I don’t really have one. Oh, the horror!! How could you start a new year without a resolution?!? Here’s the thing. I’ve always been very into setting lofty goals/resolutions and more often than not, I do actually achieve them, but this year I’m looking forward to simply enjoying where I am and what I have. Setting big goals over the past few years got me here, and I’ve had a hell of a good time accomplishing those things, but it’s time for a break. It’s time to embrace the here and now. To figure out how to keep move forward and growing in the day to day without some huge end game resolution to be striving for. That’s what life is right? Here and now. We spend a lot more of our moments in the day to day than we do accomplishing something huge.

So, with that in mind, I came up with a few things to keep my focus on the moment and one of the top daily “to do’s” is to get outside. If you’ve followed our blog for a while now, you’ll notice this is the go to for pretty much everything because getting outside literally fixes almost everything. Ok, maybe not fixes, but it certainly has a positive effect on whatever it is you are needing. In this case, getting some fresh air will help me to come back down to reality. I tend to get lost in my head which can lead to a bit of anxiousness and a lot of overthinking. I start in on one project and in 10 minutes I have some huge new vision of how to recreate the wheel and how I want to re-do everything I’ve been working on, as well as take on 100 new projects. Walking away and stepping outside is a chance to take a step back and clear my head. Whether it’s a walk, a full blown hike, or 2 minutes in the negative 6 degree snow (Pure Michigan!), it switches up the scenery and helps adjust my perspective. The sun, the snow, the rain will instantly bring me back to the here and now and clear some of that brain fog that builds up throughout the day. It’s a chance to sort through my thoughts, remind myself of what is important and re-group before deciding how to proceed.

A few options to consider if you’re wanting to take a break to get outdoors but are feeling as though it’s just “one more thing to do”. . . Stand up from your desk, walk out the front door and stand there for 60 seconds. Bonus if there is a grassy patch or something more nature-y than a parking lot, but not necessary. In a shorter time than it takes to go to the bathroom, you can take a deep breath, look up at the sky and think of one thing you’re grateful for. Walk for 10 minutes. Set your watch or phone timer, go outside and walk for 10 minutes. In circles, down the block, back and forth, doesn’t matter. Just walk. Eat lunch outside. If you can’t physically get outside, open the window, put your face to the screen and breathe. The point is to break your current cycle of thought and this is literally all it takes. No email, no Facebook, no piles of papers and projects. Just a moment to stop and breath.

Whatever your plan is for the year, be it huge resolutions, no resolutions, or somewhere in between we encourage you to find a way to incorporate time outdoors. We plan to offer tips and opportunities throughout 2018 to help make the outdoors feel accessible to everyone so make sure you’re following along! As always, we love seeing your adventures (#happypeoplehike) and would love your comments on how you will be spending time outside in 2018. Wishing you a very happy start to the new year!

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