The Nicest People You'll Ever Meet

I’m back. I know, you probably didn’t even know I was gone. I was on the road for the past few weeks for a combination of work and personal enjoyment (or what some said was a vision quest). I say it was more of a way to see places in this country that I have never seen before. And a lot of those places didn’t let me down. Instead of boring you with one extremely long post, I will be sharing stories of my time on the road in the next few weeks.

The Nicest People You’ll Meet

We didn’t name our company Happy People Hike for no reason. In fact, the reason for the name was because of the happy people we continuously meet on the trail. Is it because hiking makes them happy or because they are happy so they hike? Is this a chicken and egg scenario? Don’t worry we won’t dive that deep into the psyche of a hiker. What we do know is that time and time again we find that one of the easiest places to meet people and make incredible friends is when we are hiking and camping.

On my vision quest trip, I noticed something. Something that I had noticed before but never really paid much attention to. When I returned from a long hike my neighbors informed me that a random dog had been sniffing around my tent and might have peed on it. I thanked them for looking out for my tent and my thoughts went straight to thinking, wow! They were under no obligation to let me know that. I started to think of how friendly the people I meet on trips like this are. I am always surprised at the number of people who offer up a snack or water in case I didn't have any and that I never find anything missing from my camp site and it goes virtually untouched (sans the random peeing canine) by my fellow camping cohorts for hours on end. My thoughts then quickly drifted back to wondering if I would be sleeping in a puddle of dog urine that night.

I am an optimist and feel we should be able to trust people and that people are inherently good and decent. Sometimes those feelings are challenged, but interactions like this help to restore my faith in people. That doesn’t mean I will be leaving my car doors unlocked everywhere I go, just because I am an optimist doesn’t mean I am an idiot, but if we had more camping/hiking mentality in the world, maybe the world would be a little bit more of a a happy, friendly and trustworthy place.

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