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We always push to get people outside, not because we are trying to tell you what to do, but because we have seen, time and time again, that once people do start spending more time in the outdoors, they​ get hooked and that isn’t a bad thing. We know not everyone loves being outside as much as we do or taking long hikes that take all day to complete, but what we also know is that spending time in the outdoors is great for your health, physically and mentally. In study after study the positive effects of being outside keep coming to light (check out our Facebook page for some of these studies). That is something a lot of people who love the outdoors have known for a long time, but the proof is finally here to prove them right. Guys like John Muir, Henry David Thoreau and Teddy Roosevelt all fell in love with the outdoors because it spoke to them and made them feel happy. We don’t expect it to speak to everyone in the same way, but we do encourage people to discover what makes them happy. We share our love of the outdoors because it makes us incredibly happy to be outside enjoying all of ​the adventure nature has to offer. We think there may just be few more people that need the encouragement to find out how happy they could be.

People are busy and their schedules don’t always allow time for the things you like or want to do. We urge you to schedule some time for yourself or make it part of family time. And then again, sometimes the best way to do something is to just do it. Don’t put it off until tomorrow​. Too often, tomorrow gets filled with the long to do lists and everyday life gets in the way. Make it a priority. The healthier you are mentally and physically, the easier it will be to tackle those to do's and to have a better outlook doing them. ​

Get outside and discover what makes you happy.

Tips to Get Outside:

-Add it to your schedule

-Find somewhere close to home

-Go with a friend(s) and hold each other accountable

-Make it a priority – What is more important than your health?!

-Just GO!

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