Happy People Camp: Introducing The Dyrt App

Here at Happy People Hike, we try to make things easier for those who love the outdoors. That is why we love sharing great tips or tricks for easier hiking, camping, climbing and any other outdoor activity. When we come across websites and apps that are useful and fun, we get excited to share them with you! One of those websites that we find extremely helpful is The Dyrt. T

he Dyrt specializes in helping people find campsites through user reviews and photos, along with more specific info from campers that have actually camped there. Reviews include info that you might not find if you just searched online. You may find out that the campsite isn’t for you because you can’t book ahead of time or that there is another campsite in the area that would be a perfect fit and is even dog friendly.

On the home stretch of a road trip several years ago through South Dakota, before The Dyrt was around, we wanted to find one last campsite before our journey was over. We googled some camping spots in the upcoming cities and found one that seemed like it would work. Unfortunately, it had little to no information on the campground and we ended up pitching our tent next to a 4-story parking structure that was so lit up we couldn’t actually sleep. Needless to say, that wasn’t the way we were hoping to end our road trip.

Times have changed since we found The Dyrt. We were in a similar situation last year on our way home and trying to find one last spot to camp. This time however, The Dyrt came to the rescue. We pulled up the site on our phones and found a great campsite that wasn’t situated in a concrete jungle. Since that time, The Dyrt has made it even easier to find quality campsites and created an awesome app that you can get for iOS or Android.

I have been a member of The Dyrt (no it doesn’t cost anything) since 2015 and have found it to be a very useful tool time and time again. I even made it into their Ranger Program recently for posting a large amount of reviews on their site. I suppose I should also admit that I was an early member for very selfish reasons…they run great contests for awesome gear. From hammocks to base layers and gift cards to great outdoor companies like Tenstile, CRKT and Green Goo, their contests have incredible prizes. Right now they are running contests every month through October and you can win gear just for reviewing campsites you've stayed at. You visit campsites anyways, why not help others with your reviews and possibly win some gear for your next adventure?

Quality campsite reviews from real people and contests for the gear you dream about owning. . .check out The Dyrt for yourself and see what you've been missing!

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