The Outdoor Life Part 4: Motivation

Continuing to get Outdoors

The same pretty much applies to all of the categories for this week's blog. You have prepared, found a trail and now you just need to continue what you love. For some, getting into the outdoors may be a little bit easier. Some have the outdoors right in their backyard, some have a flexible job that allows them to get to hit the trails when they want, and others make it a priority so all of their free time is spent outdoors or planning for their next trip. Whether it’s your location, job, or lack of free time, these things shouldn't stop you.

Tips for getting outside on a regular basis:

1. Take Your Family, Friends and Pets – The more the merrier we say. We are talking about getting outside with your wife/husband, kids, parents, pets (even cats enjoy a stroll every once in a while). It can make your time outside more enjoyable and give everyone a little exercise, including Fido. It also doubles as quality time with loved ones.

2. Set Time Aside – When just starting, setting aside time can be very helpful in making outdoor adventure a regular part of your life. Setting a scheduled time for a hike every Wednesday morning or Thursday night can help. The physical and mental health benefits of getting outside are becoming more and more evident as studies keep popping up. Take advantage of whatever time you can to make gradual improvements to your health.

3. Join a group and hike with a stranger – This is a great way to find new friends who enjoy the outdoors as much as you do. You can find groups online on websites, like Meetup, or through local organizations that go on regular hikes or groups that help keep trails cleared. These groups are also great for meeting people that will hold you accountable for getting outside and expand your knowledge of the outdoors You never know who you might meet!

4. Prioritize – Often times people I talk to that say they would love to get outside more but just don't have time We understand people have important things going on in their life, but often we waste our time with things like watching tv or playing on a phone or computer. It doesn’t take long to get a quick hike in or get out for some fresh air, you just need to make it a priority.

Remember, no matter how you get outside, just do it! The benefits to your overall well-being are well worth the time and effort.

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