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Capturing the moment and living in the moment. Two things that we are constantly striving for on our adventures, however finding a balance can be tricky. These days it seems like everyone is all about video taping and photographing EVERYTHING (I am 100% guilty of this). We take pictures of what we are eating, we send snap chats of what were doing and everything happening around us. We watch entire live concerts through the screen of our phone so we can record it. But by constantly viewing life behind a lens, are we missing out on actually experiencing life? This is something I struggle with when we travel. We obviously want to capture the beauty of wherever we are and document all that takes place to be able to reminisce and share with friends but I also want to ensure we are enjoying the moments and savoring the here and now. One of our goals with Happy People Hike is to encourage people to get outside, to promote our National Parks and wilderness areas, and to inspire people to live a life they love and find their "happy". One of the most effective ways to do this is through photos and social media, so for us it's about finding a balance. It's about capturing the moments and the beauty to share with you all but not spending an entire trip behind a lens. It's about purposefully putting away the camera and the phones and enjoying the moment because that moment is real life. This is something I have purposefully started to pay attention to in myself day to day. I have always been crazy about photographing everything and posting on social media but I've started to ask myself why and when I got honest with myself it's because I enjoy the validation. I like the "likes". We all do and that is OK, but I am learning to focus on real life. I'm learning that it's far better to grab a few photos of something beautiful or an activity your doing then put the phone away and enjoy. Enjoy the connections with nature and with the people around you. I am a work in progress with this but I would encourage you to join me on the journey of living the moment and not compulsively capturing every second of it.

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