Adventure is out there (or maybe in there)! Guest Blog Post from Chandler Shepherd

Hey guys! We are super excited to introduce you to our newest Brand Ambassador, Chandler Shepherd. You can learn more about her and her adventures by clicking the "Happy People Are Hiking" tab above. We love her take on adventure in her first guest blog post with us. Enjoy! ​Adventure is out there (or maybe in there)! Sometimes adventure is out there but it doesn't seem so easy to find. Sometimes that's because physically adventure is exhausting. Sometimes mentally it is draining. Sometimes adventures are not appealing. Personally, shout out to the folks who have climbed Everest...I never want to do that. The idea of carrying a hundred pounds of clothes and traversing through snow and ice crevasses and making my way up a mountain to come back down and adjust to altitude and basically wearing scuba equipment and only being able to stay at the top of the mountain I just spent days climbing does not sound like a good time. I want to climb a mountain that will give me beautiful views, that I can make my way up in experiencing the nature around me in a pleasant way, and when I get to the top I want to be able to sit there and look around, take pictures, and write a blog post if I want to. Sure adventure is out there... What counts as an adventure? According to the dictionary, adventure is an unusual or exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity. Well that's the noun version of it at least. So this is obviously things like climbing Everest or hiking the Appalachian Trail. It probably qualifies for mountain biking across some desert in Utah or rock climbing some cliff in South America. Whitewater rafting would qualify if the rapids were big enough and some people may even say a family dinner would count on some evenings. So does adventure have to be a physical thing? I say yes, sometimes. But sometimes, adventures are inside of us. Sometimes the real adventure is getting to know yourself, finding out who you really are. Experiencing things you wouldn't normally do counts as an adventure in my book. If you're like me, rock climbing and mountain biking and public speaking are easy and fun. Well not always easy, sometimes my quads or fingers tell me otherwise, but you get the idea. As fun and exciting as these things are, I hate being vulnerable about my emotions. I hate emotions in general. It sounds stupid, but I could not tell you these things if I was sitting in front of you, especially if I didn't know you. Sometimes there is adventure in that kind of stuff. It's terrifying and scary and I don't want to do it. But afterwards I feel really good. That's the same thing that happens when I'm sitting at the top of a cliff about to rappel down or clipping into my mountain bike to hit a new trail. While adventures are usually noticed when people win big medals at the XGames or put a picture on a website with all kinds of gear and a big pack and say "I did it!", some adventures are seen everyday. Sitting with a new group of people at lunch, talking in front of a class, reaching out to the person that's different in your office, calling a friend out on something you disagree with, being quiet and alone with your thoughts, being vulnerable about how you feel, jumping off a cliff, rafting down a river, the list goes on and on...all of these things are adventures. Some of these won't be adventures for everyone, (I have little problems being scared when I set up a top rope climb) something will be scary for everyone (whether that's talking about your emotions or jumping off a waterfall). At some point in life, we have to step outside of our comfort zone if we really want to grow..we do this by adventuring. Adventure is out there, don’t be dauntless and afraid!

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