Ruby's Favorite Hoodoos

The road between Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon has a a lot of great spots to stop off and hike. If you have time stop near Escalante and check out Peek-a-boo Gulch or Lower Calf Creek Falls. When we got to Bryce Canyon we noticed that it was much busier than other parks we had approached, even Arches. It is also much most touristy on the way in to the entrance station. There is a little town/area that you have to pass to get to the entrance of the Bryce Canyon that has the original settlers name on everything you see. His name was Ruby and he and his family loved the area so much they set up a ranch and would tell everyone that stayed with them the beauty of the area and take people to see everything the area had to offer. It is now a tourist trap with Ruby's name on every building leading into the National Park's entrance, but it never hurt anyone to look at what tourist traps have to offer! After the fun of stopping at a few shops we made our way into the park. Bryce Canyon only has one long road from the north entrance to the south end overlook at Rainbow point. There are a lot of stop offs, but the drive doesn't take long and there are a lot of great little hikes you can take throughout. The hoodoo's were something we hadn't seen at any other park and made for a lot of unique sites and picture opportunities. We were limited on what we attempted that day since it was very rainy and conditions were dangerous with possible flash floods. Paths were slippery and covered in a muddy red clay that caked to your shoes and added several pounds to your feet after just a few steps. We did end up hiking the must do Navajo Loop Trail. It is short, but has fantastic views and gets you close to the hoodoos that the park is so well known for. We noticed at this National Park that we heard and spoke to more Americans than we had seen at other parks so far in our adventure. It was interesting to see that every park up until Bryce Canyon was a majority of foreign tourists with accents ranging from Australian to Japanese to Eastern European. We love seeing people from other countries enjoying our National Treasures, but where were the American tourists in all of the parks before Bryce Canyon? Get out and enjoy these parks while you can people! Sorry, rant over. Bryce Canyon also had amazing chances for sunset and sunrise pictures that we suggest taking full advantage of whether you have to stay up late or get up early. The next morning we were off to the park we had been most anticipating...Zion. Did it live up to its reputation? To Be Continued...

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