A random thought on the side of a mountain

Welcome to Happy People Hike! We are two people who don’t usually know where we’re going but we love to get outside and go. We started Happy People Hike as a way to share our passion with the world. What once was a random thought on the side of a mountain has turned into something that we’re excited to see grow and that we’re finding many others are excited about as well. This whole starting a business from scratch thing is pretty new to us so please bare with us as we learn the ropes. We’re working on taking this random side project to a new level and plan to “re-launch” in the upcoming weeks. By “re-launch” we basically mean add some professional pictures and start working to gain more followers so I suppose it’s not anything all that exciting. Like I said, we’re very new to this. Our intention is to use this blog in a variety of ways. We plan to share the ups and downs of starting a (very) small business. We obviously want to share our stories of who we are, why we love to hike, where we came up with this crazy idea, and what adventures we have planned next. I think it would be great to start adding on product reviews, guest bloggers, tips for hiking, the list goes on. I pretty much have no idea where the blog will go but can promise you we will try our best to inform, entertain, and make it worth your while to read. If you ever have ideas, feedback, constructive criticism (note the word constructive), stories to share, or just want to say hi, please go to the contact tab and send us a note. So I guess, here we go! As you anxiously await our next blog post, please check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and let us know where Happy People are Hiking!

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