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West Michigan Trail Reviews

Over the next few weeks, we will be social distancing ourselves on the local trails and providing a review of each as we go.

You may follow along in our Happy Hiker Facebook group which is currently free to join (JOIN HERE) or check back here periodically for updates!

Please know, we are taking extreme precautions to ensure we are following all regulations for social distancing, including leaving if a trail appears to be too populated. We are lucky to have an abundance of local trails that are not well traveled that allow us to continue to use them at this time. More congested areas with fewer parks and trail options do not have this luxury so PLEASE use common sense and do not visit any area that is heavily populated just because it is outside.


Difficulty: Easy to moderate depending on how far you want to go. A decent amount of hills but all very well groomed and nothing too steep.

I love this trail because of the options. You can easily do a short loop or turn it into a half day hike. I did the yellow and blue loops, maybe accidentally followed a path that wasn’t actually a trail for a bit, and it was about 4.5 miles. Plenty of spots to sit for a break. Outhouses and picnic tables at the southern parking lot (map shows there are some at the other lot, as well). A nice variety of scenery. Normally a fairly busy spot but very minimal traffic today.