Inspire passion.

Encourage well-being.

Help others discover their happy.

Happy People Hike.



We believe in the power of fresh air and camaraderie of strangers. The genuine joy experienced on the side of a mountain is a feeling we try to bring back to everyday life. Being outdoors can lift even the lowest of spirits and we hope to share that with you. Our apparel is meant to remind you of how great life can be when you spend your time truly experiencing it.​


Inspire Passion

Everyone has a passion. Unfortunately, many of us go through life without discovering what really gets our wheels turning. At Happy People Hike we hope to inspire others to not only find what it is they love, but to go after it, full force, heart, body, and soul.

Encourage Well-Being

We live in an ever-connected, fast-paced, high-stress society where we are encouraged to strive for more and continuously add to our list of accomplishments. At Happy People Hike, we believe in getting back to the basics.  We believe in fueling our bodies the way they were meant to be fueled and in tapping into a free resource available to everyone. . . nature. Nature is accessible to everyone in some way, shape or form, and we believe in taking the time to power down and take advantage of its healing powers to live an abundant life.


Help Others Discover Their Happy

A lot of people spend a lot of time searching for their happy. What we’ve found is “happy” is not a destination. Happy is simply a state of mind that you can achieve in even the most difficult of times. We believe in digging deeper than simply a smile or moment of pleasure. We believe in helping others discover that deep, radiating joy that allows you to live a life full of meaning and contribution.

A Brand With A Conscience

To support our mission, we have created a fun, outdoor-inspired line of apparel. Profits from the sale of our goods assist with various programs meant to inspire passion, encourage well being and help others to discover their happy. Follow our blog for updates on the latest events and ways to get involved!