10 Reasons to Get Outside NOW

1. Fresh air is good for you! Like the actual air you are breathing in (assuming you are living somewhere with decent air quality). It improves the cleansing actions of your lungs and helps you to release airborne toxins. The increase in oxygen will help with your digestive system and blood pressure. It's science. 2. Also science. . . Vitamin D! If you can catch even the slightest bit of rays from the sun, your body will thank you. Vitamin D is proven to assist with immune functions and helps you to absorb calcium. 3. Improved energy and mood. I'm sure there is also science in here too, but anecdotally, getting outside ALWAYS improves my mood and gives me an energy boost. Even the times I've

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"It's never too late. It's never too late to start over, never too late to be happy." It’s 2020. Over a month into 2020. It’s taken me that long to figure out some personal goals for the year. Business goals come fairly easy (and we have a lot of fun things coming for you!) but it’s far too simple to gloss over what I need in my personal life. One of the biggest things I realized I need this year is exactly what we preach, MORE TIME OUTDOORS. Last year I got away from the heart of who we are at Happy People Hike. Not that the company lost its heart, if anything I’d say the exact opposite, we really grew into our mission and solidified our spot in this outdoor world. Rather, I personally lost


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