Where my girls at?

Ladies, this one's for you! We know there are a ton of badass babes killing it on the trails and really, there isn’t much that needs to be directed towards one gender or the other, however, experience has taught us there are some unique needs for women in the wilderness. Also, it seems concerns over hygiene keep people, particularly women, from committing to a longer, overnight trek, especially if you’re talking back country. I know it made me nervous at first so we will call this the post I really wish someone else would have written before I had to learn all of these things for myself. So, let’s jump right in. Periods. Yeah, I’m going there. My first and most important piece of advice is s

Supporting More Tails on the Trails

We have a few changes for 2018! We know it is already the middle of February and we are still talking about what is new in 2018!?!? Well, things don’t always happen overnight and sometimes, as you may or may not have noticed with an absence of our awesome emails over the last few weeks, we take time to decompress and enjoy the outdoors while unplugging. We created Happy People Hike to share our passion for the outdoors and try to inspire others to get outside and find something they love to do, even if it wasn’t hiking. For every item purchased we also planted a tree through the National Forest Foundation to keep our National Forests accessible for everyone to enjoy. This year we are changin


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