10 Tips for Your First Big Hike

NOTE: This post was originally posted on June 12 2015. It can feel a bit overwhelming the first time you tackle a “real” mountain. There is a BIG difference between hikes around town and actually spending a few hours hiking up a few thousand feet. Here are some tips, all based on our personal experiences, to help you out! Research the terrain. That doesn’t mean spending hours googling and stressing over what you might encounter but learn a bit about where you will be hiking. Will there be snow? Heavily forested? Steep rocks? This will help you determine what type of gear you will need and how you should dress. Plan your pack. For your first few big hikes, what to bring will take some plannin

New Year. No Resolutions.

What is your resolution for 2018? Super common question right now. My answer, I don’t really have one. Oh, the horror!! How could you start

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