All By Myself

Everyone’s preference on the perfect hiking companion is different. From groups of friends to significant others or even going it alone, eac

The Nicest People You'll Ever Meet

I’m back. I know, you probably didn’t even know I was gone. I was on the road for the past few weeks for a combination of work and personal enjoyment (or what some said was a vision quest). I say it was more of a way to see places in this country that I have never seen before. And a lot of those places didn’t let me down. Instead of boring you with one extremely long post, I will be sharing stories of my time on the road in the next few weeks. The Nicest People You’ll Meet We didn’t name our company Happy People Hike for no reason. In fact, the reason for the name was because of the happy people we continuously meet on the trail. Is it because hiking makes them happy or because they are happ

Happy Pups Hike

There is nothing happier than hiking with our furry friends. Our dogs love the trails (despite their short, little legs) and, like a lot of people, we love adventuring with them. We've put together some tips for keeping you, your pups, and others safe and happy while on the trail! -Know the Regulations: Are your dogs required to be on a leash? Are they not allowed in certain areas? Even if your dog behaves well off leash, if it is posted that dogs must be leashed, please be considerate of the rules. Just because your dog may OK without, that doesn't mean other dogs (or people or large wild animals) will react well to your free roaming dog. There may also be areas off the trail not suitable f


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